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 Our therapists have many years of massage experience, a must when it comes to providing our clients with an intuitive and therapeutic massage. Nicole Patton, owner of HMM, is also a practicing massage therapist and has received massage therapy from around the world including Europe, Asia, and South America. She carefully selects local therapists to contract with in order to provide clients with a compassionate and professional massage therapist that is extremely good at what they specialize in. 

Nicole Patton is not available for new clients at this time.

Massage Therapists 

Deep tissue, Injury, Athletes

 Hannah  Nicole II 



Hannah  Nicole II   Ashley

Janet Maya Abdominal Massage

Pre & Post NatalPre & Post-Natal

Janet     Hannah  Nicole II  Ashley



Massage Therapists



                                   Clients that would benefit from Hannah's work
Pre & Post NatalPre & Post-Natal     High Stress   Major Injury    Grieving  & Seniors

                     Hannah has a wonderful background as a Clinical Herbalist and Massage Therapist. She is a Reiki Master and specializes in relaxation and energy work. If you are pregnant and ready for baby to come, she can do an induction massage. If baby has arrived she can provide the special service of Mother Roasting.   

                                                 Pressure: Light to medium        

                Therapeutic Level: Works with most medical conditions, infants to elderly. Polarity Therapy, Somatic, Jin Shin Jitsu                                 

                        Availability: Mostly weekends from 10am to 6pm, Some Weekdays  between 10am -12pm or after 6pm.                


Important Info: Janet can come to your home but is unable to bring her table. You can also schedule an appointment at her studio.

Pre & Post NatalPre & Post-Natal

Pressure: Light to Medium

             Therapeutic Level: Works with most injuries and medical conditions, seniors

Experience: 23+ years   

              Advanced Notice for Booking:  7 days Notice

Janet is great at working with clients in a lot of pain. She has been a blessing for our many clients going through times of intense pain and/or serious medical conditions. Janet specializes in massage for pregnancy, infants and children, cancer, elderly, and offers Maya Abdominal Massage to treat reproductive and digestive systems.

Janet has over 16 years of work experience in a hospital setting. She has given massage to many elderly patients, post surgical patients, and patients in hospice care. She is able to adapt to a client's specific health needs and can provide massage in home or in hospital settings to patients who are bedridden.


"Janet was lovely. She helped my shoulder so much and I felt so relaxed after the massage. " - Jackie

"Janet was amazing. This massage made my post-partum experience more pleasant. " 


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      Nicole II         

Pre & Post NatalPre&Post Natal


Deep Tissue: Light to Deep

Therapeutic Level: Works with injuries and medical conditions, seniors

Advanced Notice for Booking: 24 hours in advance

Nicole's approach is compassionate, supportive, and nurturing and she is an intuitive and knowledgeable therapist. She strives to help create a safe environment so that each individual is supported in their unique healing process and has the opportunity to connect mind, body, and spirit. She offers integrative bodywork and has studied many modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, Craniosacral, Somatic Bodywork, Lomi Lomi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Pre-Natal massage.

  "Nicole II has a wonderful soothing touch that can also provide the deep pressure I need in my tough knotted areas. I enjoy not feeling too sore after the massage because she listens well to my body and what pressure it likes."

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None Available At This Time


Customer Service


Humboldt Mobile Massage Office Manager


Amy enjoys talking with clients and making sure the operations of the business are running smoothly. She wants to make sure you have a wonderful experience with Humboldt Mobile Massage. Let her know if there is anything we can do to improve our services and we will do our best to make it happen. Amy looks forward to checking in and seeing how your treatment went and can schedule your next appointment for you. She is a joy to contract with and we hope you get the opportunity to experience her exceptional customer service.

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